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 April 26

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I sat outside in across the street by the memorial hall. Sian brought me a cup of coffee, an incentive to watch for the IKEA van who were delivering our sofas. Hey ho and right on time, 08:20 I saw the IKEA lorry almost pull up outside Barry and Sandra. I headed over to them and in fifteen minutes the boys, with Welsh not Swedish accents had placed the goods inside the house. Breakfast was postponed whilst we assembled the sofas and tested them out.

Waiting for Ikea 


Off for a jaunt. Went to Marros which is about 15 minutes down the road. Marros is a tiny village perched on the cliffs that falls away into Carmarthen Bay. Marros just up the hill and west from the caravan parks of Pendine. We were looking for a footpath down to the beach. We failed to see it. 


However, driving back into Marros village we parked next to the church of Saint Laurence and enjoyed exploring the churchyard, impossible full of flowers and impressive looking graves and monuments. We met a lady who lives next door, the custodian of the churchyard. We congratulated her on her ‘garden’. And were pleased to hear that although her son regularly cuts the grass, she orders him to stay off with his mower in the month of May to give the flowers the best chance of thriving.

High tower at St Laurence 


It was a lovely day and so we stopped at Pendine on the way back and Rosie had a good run on the beach. An onshore wind made it pretty cold although the sun was still very high.

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