Sunday, 30 May 2021

THE LAUGHARNE DIARIES - A river runs through it

 April 25

River   Jon Mitchell              

Released June 1971


Another sunny day. Blackbirds, competing songs in our yard and the occasional dove.

I walk Rose down to the River Coran for to do her business. The Coran never more than five feet wide rises somewhere north of Laugharne. It flows through the town and out into the estuary by the castle. 


In the sunshine it was particularly lovely; bright and brown, full of reflections, adorned by birdsong. In the middle distance an old summer house just about still standing and a line of pots with peas? Or beans? We wandered down to the castle, sun now high above us, all quite peaceful. Another dog walker greets us, a few small boats doze at low water.


Sian spent the morning trying to contact various utility companies, as we were fearful that we were unwittingly trying to disconnect Barry and Sandra from their electricity, water and telephone supplies!

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