Thursday 30 June 2011

29 ways to stay creative


Discovered this web site gem link on creativity! Each of the 29 ways is a a gem!

Wednesday 29 June 2011

COMMUTING: Decline or fall

I was reviewing a collection of recent (in the last twelve months or so) of drawings and came across those made on the daily commute in and out of London. I was struck by how expressive the assortment was as a body of work – conveying the despair of people’s daily journey into work. Or perhaps, closer to home, my feelings about the hopelessness of commuting versus people who can walk to the office or get to where they work in under 20 minutes.

The counter point to all this is the compulsion to draw or get down on paper a pretty face/body/or pair of heels I see on my travel so perhaps commuting is a celebration of beauty.

Thursday 23 June 2011


In case we sometimes feel that our local train companies are without consideration this caught my eye on the commute home a few weeks ago a notice brimming with compassion

Only two nights prior the entire Chiltern Railways network was plunged into disarray because five cows had wandered onto the line in the Gerrards Cross area.

The Ark now arriving at Platform one is the late running?

Friday 17 June 2011

Gran Turino

Fun and excitement last Sunday:

Rise at 03:45 catch the 07:10 Ryan Air yellow 737-80 to Turin. Catch an airport bus to city centre. Arrive at the Golden Palace Hotel, typically Italian, dark marble and dim lighting. 12:30 pm work through to 01:30 am Monday with highly talented team of individuals, 23 people including me, on a new business pitch.

Arise 06:45 on Monday morning, micro-breakfast and see pitch team off on the coach to the client’s office! Catch taxi and race through cobbled streets back to airport for 10:10 Ryan Yellow back to London-Stanstead.

Fast, fun, fulfilling.

Featured pictures: Strange bridge, Chinese business man is taught how to tie a tie by his driver, picture of two lovers, taken from the airport bus