Thursday 29 March 2012

Five minutes from my desk: British Museum

The ‘BM’ is one of the world’s great museums housing some 8,000,000 exhibits and welcoming some 6,000,000 visitors each year – which I can quite believe, half-term school holiday week is quite horrid.

Anyway, the back entrance is really rather grand, with its sleeping lions and the Greek Revival façade.

Saturday 24 March 2012


The other evening I enjoyed a personal tour of Nike Town London with one of the principle ‘architects’ of its creation, Ms Sophie Jourlait-Filéni, now a marketing colleague of mine at BBC Worldwide.

This thrilling experience was a ninety-minute crash course in branding, merchandising and staying a head of competitors. One high spot was Ms J-F explaining the logic behind the Damien Hirst-like displays of football boots.

Nike Town might be a really good place to go do some drawings!

Meanwhile enjoy this homage to Nike click here

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Five minutes from my desk: Tall Tales

In 1962, while still being built, the BT Tower overtook St Paul's Cathedral to become the tallest building in London at a total height to 190 metres (620 ft) - height includes pointy ariel bit.

Once they finished it the BT Tower was taller thank the Millbank Tower down by the River SW1 (which had been put up faster) to once again become the tallest building in the country, titles it held until 1980 when the Nat West Tower in the City was completed.

Thursday 1 March 2012

Five minutes from my desk: Centre Point

Centre Point, a concrete and glass ghost rising up skyward on a dull grey day.

Situated at the eastern end of Oxford Street, that almost sits on top of Tottenham Court Road tube station on the site of a Gallows.

This icon was built by Wimpey Construction in 1963 with its 34 floor and 400 feet high.