Tuesday, 15 June 2021

LAUGHARNE: Love Devine, All loves excelling

 May 9th

HYMN: Love Devine, All loves excelling,               Music: John Stainer Words: Charles Wesley




It is Rogation Sunday. To Eucharist at St Martins, about a dozen of us duly assembled in the face of God. Sadly singing is still not on the cards however we were given hymn books and asked to mouth along. Hard for several of us, I was repeatedly elbowed by Siân for mouthing too loudly, especially during that wonderful Stainer hymn.


Cheerful hearts but dull weather today. 

Siân drove me up about three miles out of town towards St. Clears with the idea of my walking back having made some drawings on the way. The topography to the East and West was thrilling, especially Eastwards where is stretches for miles, carpeted in vivid greens, trees just on bud pillions marching into infinity or hiding the lower ground. Here and there the occasional farm, nestling the landscape’s folds and creases.



Rogation is an ancient church festival to seek blessing for a community and its sustenance. The word rogation comes from the Latin verb rogare, meaning "to ask", which reflects the beseeching of God for protection from calamities. As the Book of Common Prayer puts it: “Rogation Days are the three days preceding Ascension Day, especially devoted to asking for God’s blessing on agriculture and industry.”


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