Sunday 31 October 2010

Chocolate - always appreciated

In the gallery this Sunday afternoon, a little quiet, lady comes in, oh I think, a visitor. Alas, not even giving MY work one glance she asks directions for another gallery in Marylebone.

Not knowing the place I looked it up on my phone, grateful she makes hurried exit. Oh well.

Two hours later the same lady turns up in gallery and presents me with chocolate from the wonderful shop just down from the gallery - Rococo Chocolates.

I kiss her and force her to sign my Guest Book.

Chocolate now in fridge.

Examples of Roco's output featured.

Saturday 30 October 2010

VIP Gallery Guest

My show has been open for a week.
Today we had super-guest Lilianna, who completed a wonderful drawing in my current Moleskine . She also demonstrated the correct use of Anglo Bubbly bubble gum.
Enchanting, wonderful: Lilianna, thanks for coming to see my show!

Full details of the show? - least I be eclipsed by L, visit
And Lilianna's drawing in my book will be featured shortly - when I cease to be threatened by her .
Additionally: Impressive roll of pencils in photos - artist's own.

Saturday 9 October 2010

Back at the Lock Press

Saturday 9th October 2010

I have returned to the printing press. Left all the fuss and bother of mounting this exhibition.

We (Christine sits on my shoulder) created some very good work this afternoon. Christine made a lovely Orange Cake too (featured).

My life in pictures


The last eight weeks: mounting, framing, fretting, complaining to people. Getting depressed. Being happy. Being excited. Oh, that's right its called giving birth to an exhibition - opens on October 21st.

Friday 8 October 2010

The beginning of a great day

Soho, northern Soho, junction of Goodge and Charlotte Street is the Italiano Coffee Company. A wonderful coffee and complimentary huge coffee no better start to a day. I have been here many time, also a favourite with bicycle couriers.
More detail is here

My book is published

In celebration of my second one-man show I have produced a limited edition book of my travel drawings
Entitled ‘Doors to Automatic and Cross Check’ I have taken 22 drawings from 28 Moleskine sketchbooks filled across the last six years.
Only 50 books have been printed. Each one is individually numbered and signed by me.
You can secure a copy for £15 including postage to the UK or £17 per copy including overseas postage.
To order email