Wednesday, 9 June 2021

LAUGHARNE Everything Stops for Tea

 May 7th


Everything Stops for Tea                Jack Buchanan



A better day. High spot was Pam Jones coming to tea. Our first social engagement. We made some welsh cakes that turned out well and of course Pam brought cookies. Sun in the back yard and we were set.


We first met Pam in September 2019. As a church warden she gave us a marvellous tour of St Martins. We have stayed connected ever since. She is a marvellous clearing house of information and discovery and has been especially valuable helping us contact expert tradespeople. Not so much a pillar of the community more like an entire sunny acropolis!

Milk in first?


Went out and made a couple of drawings at St Martins. Afternoon sun floods across the Rivers Coran’s valley and up onto the church, its tower and remarkable collection of gravestones many of which appear to loll against one another.

Forever friends 


Hung a picture and enjoyed a fish and chip supper from Caroline’s, The Castle View Fish Bar. Excellent beyond imagining.

Frying tonight


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  1. I have only just found this Tim 😆I had a lovely time with you both and Siân's Welshcakes were delicious.


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