Thursday, 17 June 2021


May 11:  A bright clear day and Sian wanted Rosie and me out of the way so she could get on with some decorating. So be it.

We drove back up the hill to Llansadwrnen and staying on the high ground stopped a mile or so on for some wonderful views North and East. Carmarthenshire laid out like a huge quilt of greens, yellows and browns, in the far distance this gives way to faint veridian and blue. 


We dropped down into Llandawke a collection of farm buildings and homes. Our quest was church of St Oudoceus lies in a dell reached through the grounds of The Old Rectory.   It dates from the 13th century and was refashioned in the late 14th by the Lord Marcher of Laugharne, Sir Guy de Bryan. 


And best of all it was open thanks having been rescued by the Friends of Friendless Churches. So many treasures effigies, inscribed stones, and a flight of fancy, an extravagantly carved oak alter (1882). The work of a local stonemason, Owen Williams. Please spend time here if in the area!


Onwards to St Margaret Church in Eglwys Gymyn, a Grade 1 listed beauty. Sadly the church was closed so we were denied the treasures inside including wall paintings. I made a note of the incumbent’s name and will try to determine when the church might be open.




The Friends of Friendless Churches was set up in 1957 to save disused but beautiful old places of worship of architectural and historical interest from demolition, decay and unsympathetic conversion. Working across England and Wales, we are an independent, non-denominational charity which cares for over 50 former places of worship and has helped hundreds more.


This county is crammed full of lovely churches, and over the coming years we will seek each one out and be sure to enjoy it. We have invested in a copy of Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion (Pevsner Buildings of Wales)by Thomas Lloyd, Julian Orbach and Robert Scourfield. It is already a precious friend.

Song for today 

Church (feat. Earthgang)                 Samm Henshaw/Earthgang            Released 2019


Tomorrow it is back to the Badlands.

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