Saturday, 19 June 2021


 May 24

We arrived last evening so I could attend Evensong at St Martins. A lovely service from the Book of Common Prayer. Leaving the church walking through church yard looking West towards the sun and green fields, cows in silhouette on the far ridge, munching away.


Alwyna, the window lady comes to measure us up for having the front windows replaced; then before the huge rains we discover a great walk down Long Lane. This holloway, a sunken lane of green trees, roots and ferns runs up from St Martins, parallel to the main street and gives out almost at the castle. We made it to Poon’s for coffee just before the downpour!


Later, I hit the bar, literally, dismantling a curious wooden construction out back, put up by the tenant during lockdown. A huge amount of wood. 


Great celebration as the washing machine arrived deftly heaved through the door and through the house by Garrard and Andrew from AO


A trip B&Q in Carmarthen. And by this huge shed a great walk; The late afternoon sun is glorious as we walk along a footpath by the River Tywi towards were the railway crosses on what must have once been a swing bridge. We met a lady with a bichon – shih-tzu cross dog like Rosie. An important encounter as we were able to get names of groomer and vets in the area, vital intelligence.

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  1. Great that you found that holloway. They are invariably gorgeous places. We have two or three on the outskirts of Coggy. X Soz.


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