Friday 9 June 2023


Across three counties 

From high up on The Ridgeway, in West Berkshire, only 35 minutes from home is Uffington Castle. It is an Iron Age hillfort. 


Standing on its footprint on the landscape you can look out north-west across Berkshire, Gloucestershire into Worcestershire. A patchwork of fields, farms, factories and towns. This infinity view eventually pales into purple haze.


Of course this is just a place to put a castle. Next to it is The White Horse, across the grass, a chalk symbol of how important this area was. And still is. 


The castle borders The Ridgeway, an ancient road that is ideal for the movement of troops and trade. 


Looking down, just below us to the right is Dragon Hill a small apron of white chalk. It was on this ground that is rightly believed that St George fought his dragon. Who is to gain say St George’s joust?


For more on the myths and legends hereabouts follow the link. 

Many thanks to David Nash’s Royal Berkshire History  web site

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Saturday 3 June 2023


Ginst Point, the end of the known world.

Name: Ginst Point, Carmarthenshire (Sir Gaerfyrddin) ; X/Y co-ords: 232825, 207811 ; Region: Wales ; Country: Wales ; Place type: Other Landform. Source: Ordinance Survey


A stretch of sand, grass and debris that is wide and broad and looks to the estuary of the River Taff and across to Llansteffan Castle and the never to missed holiday homes of Carmarthen Bay.  


Ginst Point the blunt end of a six mile beach.


High sun, a small breeze.


Rosie the dog,

Jacky the wonder dog,

Jacky collects sticks and will steal a sandal.

He will return it later.

Sian and Miss Megan,

And Barney, a merman*,


We walk, sit and get our feet wet,

Again we plonk ourselves down on a midday warm sand.

And on the walk back we found treasure, per usual.



Shrapnel Everywhere

A toilet chain thrown overboard from a passing ship? 





Ginst Point is accessible through Brill Gate (SN 28902 07980) when the Range is not operational. Public access is permitted if the automatic gate is open. Please DO NOT attempt to enter if the gate is closed. Anyone wishing to gain access to the residential tenant farms must contact the Main Gate using the intercom system situated at Brill Gate.