Friday, 25 June 2021


28th May

The tyranny of doorknobs: S has spent hours across the week trying to fit new doorknobs for those we have ‘inherited’ don’t work. It is a seemly easy but impossible job. We need to bring some different equipment to bear.  


I begin a mural on a wall in the study (now called The Map Room). It is supposed to be bamboo. When finished the next day looks more like seaweed. Maybe I need to add in a motif of Disney’s little mermaid?


Being Friday we have fish and chips for supper, wonderful.


29th May

I finished the mural and it does not look half bad. We all enjoyed a good tramp down Long Lane. Sun pours into back yard most of the day.  Siân discovers a Screwfix in Carmarthen and of course has to pay them a visit. 

Detail of mural and a table I made out of scrap wood

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