Sunday, 13 June 2021

LAUGHARNE DIARIES: Rain, rain go away!

 May 8


Rain, Rain Go Away              Bobby Vinton                        Released 1962


“Welcome to Wales” hailed Adrian the Postman. It was raining, it rained all day, every minute of.


Nothing for it but to got to Aldi and Home Bargains. Close to both we discovered a new emporium, Charlies, a sort of B&Q/Garden Centre/Home Bargains all rolled into one. A wonderful find and just what we needed to buy a water butt.


Back home and Hywel and Andrew (Sparks) come round to measure up for the boiler and discuss the job of putting in the electric boiler. Very productive conversation and nudges the project forward.


Sian prepares the skirting boards upstairs for painting. I prepare fajitas for supper.



It rains in Carmarthenshire about 10-12 days a month on average. 


We have a drainpipe that comes from the roof of the garage next door and drains onto our back yard. So, we set up our new Charlies’ water butt so as to catch the water   The butt size is 100 litres. After two nights rain it is full. I am unsure as to what to do with so much water; apart from a tin bath in the back yard and I wash outside.   


Our water butt will collect about 7800 litres a year! Not sure what we are going to do. 

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