Friday, 4 June 2021

HELLO, WERE BACK - Sunny too...

 May 5th

Hello, hello, I'm Back Again           Gary Glitter              Released 1973  


Sunny and welcoming, that was soon to change, well the sun bit. A jaunt to Llansadwrnen, a small village off the Laugharne – Pendine freeway. What a location. From here you can look south east and easily see the down to Brook, the eastern of Pendine sands, the Afon Taf estuary and across to the Gower Peninsula I am sure. 

The view from St Sadwrnen's church yard 


The church of St Sadwrnen standing high and proud with a curious tour and a sort of hat on it. As always around these parts, a church yard with impressive monuments, one of which has taken a tumble and lay face down onto of the tomb stone that it marked. There it was to stay, who’d volunteer to try and upright it? The is a polychrome of red and green sandstone with grey limestone voussoirs. 

A lovely afternoon and the perfect antidote to flat-pack assembly. 

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