Sunday 21 November 2021


Do you remember when we had relatives that dutifully presented us with our materials either at Christmas or on our birthdays?


Familiar names even now… Daler, Rowney, Windsor & Newton and Reeves.

Each gift a treasured possession. And we thought at the time hugely expensive. 

Most of these brands have now been snapped up by a holding company in France carrying the name ‘Windsor and Newton’


Ordering your paint brushes now? for example, the names are a much more exotic…

Zhu Ting


And my personal favourite....

Keep Smiling

It must have six weeks ago when a tutor had us make our own brushes. 

My Brush Set 

Sarah Lees had us scouring the campus looking for anything which we could possibly press into service to create a 'brush' and make a mark. And the results were beautiful. 


I’ve kept mine and I use them for their unique lines and shapes. 

Diolch Sarah.

A small example of output 

Enjoy Sarah's work here and in several galleries across West Wales


Thursday 18 November 2021




Up and out of Laugharne

It was gloriously sunny all day yesterday. In the afternoon I decided to take a break from study and get out and enjoy the fresh air. 

I cycled up and out of Laugharne (thank goodness for the electric bike). And then along the busy road to St Clears and forked left onto what is known as the old Saint Clears Road.


Only  two cars past me the entire time I was peddling down the road.


It was absolutely glorious in the late afternoon sun (3:30 pm) and two very distinct views: the hillsides to the west of me dark is coal and illuminated by a high sky, and to the east of me the green fields was lit up so it was almost broad daylight.


I stopped to make a drawing looking east to a farm called Cresswell. 


Across the fields

A road to one's self

The delightful chapel 

Across the fields I heard the  lowing of cattle in the farm’s yard. Not another sound, except a Robin close by.


I’d forgotten my water bottle for painting, a nearby puddle provided me with some.


Along a little more I came across a delightful chapel, lovingly restored and fell into conversation with a couple just getting to the car having place flowers on her mother’s grave. 


This is the land of impromptu conversations, freely given and taken.