Sunday 30 March 2014


A montage of estuary, fish and boats.
I discovered some drawing made in 2011 when I went with Mike and Dave to North Norfolk and having recently re-connected with them created a montage of estuary, fish and boats. Missing only was the gulls' cry.

'There are few places in England where you can get so much wildness and desolation of sea and sandhills, wood, green marsh and grey saltings as at Wells in Norfolk.'
The naturalist W.H. Hudson (1841-1922) 

Saturday 29 March 2014



Every week now I pass through the gates to Dunchurch Park. And pass through again to indicate the end of another visit. Two classical pillars embroidered with wrought iron filigree and from these posterns the long drive, thankfully bereft of speed bumps.

grand gates for a grand entrance

More gates, this time a tall tower that was once the entrance to the stable block, a quadrangle that has now been converted to guest quarters which on most visits I am billeted.

the gateway to my quarters

The gardens of Dunchurch Park are excellent. 

I have inveigled my way in with the team of gardeners. They have disarmed by obsequiousness and allow me free run of the dilapidated greenhouses which are Victorian and
Free run of the greenhouses
leavened with the scent of soil, growth and decay.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

5 DRAWINGS 5 DAYS Drawing 5

Day 5
A yelp from Rosie! Was it a mouse or some such from the undergrowth? A jogger passes twenty minutes and us by later again, this time pausing for a moment to say hello to R.
Even with new pen nibs from Cornelissen and Son does little to aid my line making! 

This will all be continued. (thanks for sticking with it)

Monday 17 March 2014

5 DRAWINGS 5 DAYS: Drawing 4

Day 4

Back to our afternoon shift and golden sun on the posts that mark the railway line. Rosie has a real run around with a Cavalier Spaniel.

Sunday 16 March 2014

5 DRAWINGS 5 DAYS Drawing 3

Day 3

We make a morning visit and walk up the track to the ridge. Sky Larks sing good morning. This is a yellow sunrise. Two Labradors, who slather over my drawing, surprise us with their affection. The church clock strikes eight, time for home.

Saturday 15 March 2014

5 DRAWINGS 5 DAYS: Drawing 2

Day 2
Some cloud, a few walkers pass along the disused railway track beneath were we are. The last walker stoops to talk to Rosie, the rest have ignored my salutations. Equipment failure: my pen nib break so ink is applied by using seed heads and other hedgerow debris that comes to hand.

March 3 - 7
Here's the deal:
Wild drawing, constant equipment failure, use stuff from the hedgerow to apply ink. Engage with passers by and Rosie talks to other dogs
Add narrative and colour back in the studio, end of each day.