Tuesday 31 January 2012

ABU DHABI daiquiri

Here we are, day 3 and we open tomorrow.

Minor chastisement from one of the speakers for making too many changes to one presentation! Oh Well!

Sunny (outside).

Sets being built still undecided about my walk on music.

Monday 30 January 2012


The balance of Sunday, through until noodle soup in one of the modest hotel outlets, was spent trying to turn dull presentations into communication of brilliance. Time flew and so to bed.

Today dawned clear and bright although there was apparently fog out at the airport during the night, delaying planes to London which had the knock on effect of delaying all delegates' flights out of London. Ooops!

Oh well, we ready ourselves in the project office for the arrival of 140 people at sometime!

My high spot today was a walk across to the Crowne Plaza for a haircut.

Illustrated here: The hotel and a landscape of Abu Dhabi captured on the way back from me haircut.


Sunday 29 January 2012


Here for a week. Conference facilitation. Airbus 340-600 touched down 0230 am. Hotel and in bed by 3am.

Sleep punctuated by sound of a racing car. Awoke to realise the Hotel (Yas Viceroy is actually sitting on top of the country's Grand Prix track).

In the middle distance, Ferrari World and Ikea.

Warming up, unlike England's cricket performance.

Thursday 26 January 2012


This new series comprises lunchtime drawings recent, and little older completed within a five-minute walk from 24 Percy Street just off the Tottenham Court Road.

NOHO is this district’s name, part of Fitzrovia a business area, Greek-Cypriot enclave, excellent coffee shops and restaurants, nudging its way into the University College of London, with The Post Office Tower as a landmark of London. This is a really vibrant area, with people spilling from bars and pubs even on a winter’s night.

Featured: Fitzroy Square - Fitzroy Square was a speculative development (nothing new here then!) intended to provide London residences for aristocratic families, and was built in four stages. Leases for the eastern and southern sides, designed by Robert Adam, were granted in 1792

Sunday 22 January 2012

SEEN ON THE RIDE - re posted

Seen on the ride

On the last couple of Saturdays I have been denied the company of cycling chum Chris so, in absentia, I have still ventured forth, shortening the route to allow me to pull up and do a drawing at place that pleases.

On both mornings the sun has been out and the air quite crisp with leaves crunching under foot. Oh that Jack Frost is still about!

Wednesday 4 January 2012

Cutting Edge

If lino cutting was your least favourite class room activity at school this may not be for you.

Through my print making tutor Christine Lock I have been gently introduced to this hitherto unexplored form of printmaking. Its small scale and craft-like way of working is the prefect counterpoint to the expressive expanse mono print of 2010 - 11.

All change for 2012 another new direction!

Featured: Spring Trees both pieces 210 x 148 mm

2012 is off to a flying start

January 1st, on the day this blog reached its 2nd birthday I was cycling with Judge Ricardo.

Here we are taking a well earned rest towards the end of an arduous ride. As ever, in these rare off duty moments, I am regaled with tales from this country's brilliant legal system.

Happy New Year!