Monday 30 August 2010

Nest. Empty. Result!

Yesterday we ran Bron up to Leicester to start art school at De Montfort University. The sun shone, the vibe was good (where did the word 'vibe' come from) anyway all sorted. Leicester, like Leeds is dead cool. Example are the Bus Shelters all of which are classic minimalist Art Deco. I will return, meanwhile here are some pictures to keep us all going. . .
Featured here: Bookshelf in B's room, view from B's room out down onto the river and my temporary storage idea for important things: 'Still life with Ms Summers'.
Coming soon: A collision with Piper

Friday 27 August 2010

Megan returns from Ibiza

And re packs for Leeds.

An incident involving New York


Another strange element to Printmaking are the accidentals.
Clearing up after a recent session I wanted to get excess ink of one the rollers so I ran it up and down a sheet of scrap paper, 6 by 14 inches
"Humm, that's a nice orange" I thought, so I overlaid a darker colour, cut-up of a tiny cityscape I'd been using earlier and repeated it several time across the paper,
"Hey, that's lovely, it looks like New York " said Christine
"Hummm . . and when I got home I checked through some photographs I'd taken in New York about a year prior on a trip and found one that I'd taken from the aeroplane window as I was taking off to come home. . .

Sunday 22 August 2010

Ibiza - Friends re-united

It had to be done. 48 hours in Ibiza with Miss Em. Sun, sea, witnessing arguments on the beach, when I was in the middle of drawing, between a couple from Northern Island; cool meals in cool resturants, 33 degrees C, the Em-ster protecting from girls coming at me out of doorways at midnight and choosing me the coolest bracelets - essential for those subsequent senior business meetings. She's been out there for 13 weeks - done much, learnt much and walks more confidently. Yeah. Yay. Off to Gatwick to collect 01:00 Wednesday. What evs.

Master Chef

In preparation for the great move north to Leicester (and art school) Bron, determined not to starve has been preparing a Cookery Book and practising the finer arts of cooking and pastry making with excellent results

Featured here end result and the book

Saturday 14 August 2010


Skipping throught the holiday snaps I found several that evidently fascinated me for their glimpse into retailing in northern Cyprus. Featured the local fast food establishment, a wonderful book shop, splendid signage and Barbie-esque hardward. Love it!

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Creativity Guidelines

Apart from expert tuition, inspiring my output, pushing me to push the boundaries, Christine Lock aka La Presse de Lock also follows strict guidelines in providing the right creative environment in her studio - specifically
1. A constant stream of fresh coffee and on occasion with home made biscuits
2. Outdoor working areas (with view of the Thames) when the sun shines - shown here the view from the studio balcony
3. Excellent luncheons, two courses, - featured a main course: delicious red pesto tarte avec Chèvre.

Sunday 8 August 2010

We did it again 2

Vancouver, Seattle, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Madrid, Paris, Marrakesh, Rome, Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Seoul. All captured in monoprint.

The sessions at the Lock Press across the last eight months have culminated in an exciting body of work for the exhibition JOURNEYS which opens on October 21 at the Circus Gallery in London.

Saturday 7 August 2010

Prior Planning and a couple of near misses

More from the at the Presse de Lock - The final push, in terms of preparing the major pieces for the October Exhibition, three days more, starting yesterday, Friday.
Walked in with a plan.
Featured .
Yesterday, got lots done.
Today - the piece featuring Sydney, that I thought was going to be so easy, turned into a nightmare. Then Buenos Aires did not work out and needed my teacher/mentor/guide (phew) Christine's calming intervention. All hands to the pump and the end results were good. Sydney and BA featured at the top of this post. X

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Job Title Envy

What's on your business card?

Master Protector - Shades of Halo 2 and Master Chief. I love it

Seen opposite me on the Underground Train this morning.

New York, new direction

Completed three days work at La Press de Lock on Sunday and arrived home dog tired but very excited about the way the work for the October show is shaping up. The last piece was of New York, rather unplanned in the overall scheme but hugely exciting.

Sunday 1 August 2010

Don't cry for me Kurt Geiger

Featured here is the style Evita from the nice Mr Geiger
From mild flirtation to constant obsession, Bron has be after these shoes for weeks.
I was keen to know why, as the purchase was requested in the context of an essential going-to-art school acquisition.
Apparently if one owns these shoes you make more friends says Bron.
Win shoes and influence people?