Monday 29 March 2010

Tracey Emin, she can draw

Shown: Red Girl and Reclining Nude
With this monoprinting thing there is an inevitability that I should discover Tracey Emin.
There was a wonderful Radio 3 interview with her at the beginning of the year. Yesterday I withdrew a book from the library Tracey Emin Works 1963-2006.

Her drawings are precise and fragile. If they are incomfortable then that is as it should be.
" There should be something revelatory about art. It should be totally new and creative and it should open doors for new thoughts and new experiences" Tracey Emin

Thursday 25 March 2010

Bright colours on a dull day

My friend, framer and ace photographer Chris mentioned the other day, when we were out on a bike ride that in dull conditions pure colours stand out. The example he gave was pointing to a moss covered piece of wood that positively vibrated with colour. I have been thinking about this since and proved it to myself this evening on the commute home, randomly grabbing a shot of this tube train in wet dull Northolt.

Sunday 21 March 2010

More time at the Lock Press

Christine and I went to Tokyo for two hours - to Shibuya to be precise. Our session last Saturday afternoon centred on my turning a 2006 drawing I made of the walkways that weave themselves around the JP Rail Station at Shibuya into a piece of work.

Featured here is the intial work-in-progress.

Tokyo, the first of 25 places around the world, that over the next five months, will play a unique role in my next exhibition at the Circus Gallery in London this coming October.

OMG we have a plan Houston.

Cafe Society 2

Knowing really cool people in London increases one's chances of discovering cool places for espresso. In the Clerkenwell area the "most go" place is Coffee at Goswell - details here

Excellent interior, up todate issues of Wallpaper and fit photo of a Tom Cruise.

Saturday 20 March 2010

A very German requiem

Ein deutsches Requiem, Op.45 (Johannes Brahms)
It’s never too early to think about what music you wish to have played at your funeral – if they give you one or a memorial service or whatever. Ein deutsches Requiem is my pick.
A German Requiem was Brahms’ elegy for the living. I was so lucky to see it performed on Friday at the Barbican, a magically evening. Cried through most of the second movement. Thank you (so much).
It was paired with Martinů's Fifth Symphony; the Brahms's soprano part was sung by the wonderful Ana María Martínez.
The BBC Symphony Orchestra, Chorus and Conductor Jiří Bělohlávek

Childhood Revisited

Last Sunday, with B, to the Museum of Childhood: High spots, for me, were the collection of Barbies (with several Kens) and the Rocking Horses.
I also saw my old Boy Scout Uniform.
Please, if you have children, or have the chance to take someone’s children to this wonderful place, do so! Or, if you want to re-live your childhood visit this magical place with its great coffee shop. Discover more here

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Return of the Great British Poster

Saw this campaign for Stella Artois on the way into London at the weekend

Very witty and beautifully reconciles the man, the woman and the beer.

Creative Review comments:

When Mother (the Ad agency) wanted to achieve an authentic 60s look for its recent poster campaign for Stella Artois 4%, the agency turned to illustrator Robert McGinnis, who created classic posters for films including Breakfast At Tiffany's and Barbarella, as well as Bond movies Live And Let Die and Thunderball.

Full story here

Monday 15 March 2010

Crime and Punishment

Megan appears to have perfectly blended her studies and her new role with Pukka Up in Leeds
Pukka Up (link) is 'All About the Party' Her unform is the perfect counterpoint to her recent essay "Media and Violence".
Megan featured far right.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Those clever people at PRADA

As if proof were needed.
From time to time its nice to browse the smellies.
These two samples were profered by an lovely girl and eagerly accepted by me. Later at the comfort of my desk I got to examine the envelopes.
One logo two very distinct looks.
Aahhh, a PRADA moment. A victory for typography and pure . . . style.

Thursday 11 March 2010

City Spotlight: Singapore

Singapore snapshot. Breathtakingly clean. Singapore is more of a corporation than a country and everyone is 'on message' even the nice people at passport control.
My favourite stop is morning coffee at a one of those shophouses off Beach Road. My favourite view the sun breaking through the darkest thunder clouds after rain storm blows through the downtown skyscaper district.

With special thanks to the person in Singapore who commented on my Paris Breakfast piece.

A Higher Education

Having completed (most) of my education at the age of 17 it always facinates me to see books piled up, stacked and marked up, spilling over coffee tables and chairs - indicators of higher education. Megs was down at the weekend and between debating what to wear on Saturday evening (resolved) was also hard at it essay-wise, her books stewn around the playroom.

Tuesday 9 March 2010

From Russia with love

Flying nowadays has few plus points. BA cabin staff are more grumpy than French hoteliers.
However you can still pick up some great magazines in the BA lounge - example featured here is a wonderful Russian magazine: Vogue, meets Architectual Digest, Wallpaper, Design Week et all.

Great photography, illustration and typography.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Lock, stock and two smokin' printmakers

Session number 4 at Christine Lock's Press, picking up where we left off here .

I created a line image plate, inked it up and proofed it then inked it up again and overprinted several of the prints of Marrakesh that I made last session. So now we have a method that works with strong blocks of colour and design combined with a method of introducing line, detail and iconography. Magic! Well actually we had a catastrophy yesterday with one of the over-prints, such is life. Into every life some ink must fall.

Illustrated left the line image plate proofed-up right: the combination.

Bron's First Solo Show

Ultimate Proud Father Moment

Bron's show of her Up-Cycling Martine Margiela inspired work ! Wonderful show, featured here Bron and her models are on the catwalk for photo call

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Leeds - meanwhile back in

OMG! Not content with steaming through her studies, 2:1 in the exams and 1:1 in the essays, Miss Em has joined Love Dough - promotions, music and clubbing.

Any problems with play back - mail me!

File under 'smart' 'cool' and 'best mate'

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Paris Breakfast

Up early. Breakfast soon after.
C'est la vie. Say what's on the side of that bus!

Paris Morning

As the pale sun wrestles the street light to the ground it becomes harder to remember the cancelled Air France flight, the long procession through Passport Control and arriving late at the hotel who did not have a reservation for me. All delivered with a polished grumpyness. Plus ca change. Today is dawning bright and clear