Tuesday 28 September 2010

Count on it.

Leaving Tokyo, because all good things come to an end!

Saturday 25 September 2010

I want to be writer

A couple of Saturdays back, one of those wonderful September afternoons, in fact perfect for a wedding. We were nestled in the lovely Sussex village Slinfold for the wedding of Jenny and Simon. At a wedding which table one is put is always abit of a lottery! I won the jackpot! Being wedged between Sylvie (featured here) and her step mom Katherine - research guru at Associated Newspapers. I drew Sylvie whilst Sylvie wrote and wrote and wrote in her book. Thoughts, ideas came pouring out. "I want to be a writer when I grow up" she said.
I think she is very grown up.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Memories of a Geisha

Tokyo +13 days:

My friend Katsu-san took me to MARIFUKU, a Kyoto-style Japanese restaurant. The owner is Marifuku-san (true name is Ms. Ebina-san). Ms Ebina-san is a former Geisha from Kyoto. During a wonderful evening I watched her flit around her restaurant, engaging guests celebrating a birthday, conferring with two other customers. This lady's self possession was delightful.
Behind the counter she commands the Chef and lightly guides her staff and shares a joke.
Her every movement full of poise, her every gesture full of grace. The discipline and exactitude of her former life and her beauty are so very self evident! Each scene like a Kitagawa Utamaro print. We share books; Ebina-san lets me leaf through her album from Geisha School (two pictures featured her) and in return I pass my Moleskine across the restaurant's counter.

Now happy tears from the recollection of this chance encounter and deep gratitude to Katsu-san for bringing me to MARIFUKU.

Monday 20 September 2010

Lunch in Tokyo

Ten days ago I was in Tokyo

Friday lunchtime and we had a Bento Box lunch. See photo. Wonderful.

The test of loving a city is to spend a short time there, come home and think about the experiences The remembrance of just two days is as sharply focused as being there now: One could describe the streets or the floor of a restaurant with extreme detail, smiles, atmosphere, excitement.
Why do cities get under one's skin? Oh Tokyo!
'Bento' by the way means convenient in Japanese.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

The faces of Tokyo

Tokyo, my wonderful return at the end of last week. Tokyo intoxicating. I leave still not understanding but even more in love. Thank you for letting me back in. These pictures express my joy and gratitude. For you all in Toyko, in the Friday evening resturant team, those paper sellers, the leather craft maker, my new friends at the post office and dear Yoshie and Yukie my dinner dates on Thursday. More tales from Tokyo will follow.

Friday 10 September 2010

Where in the world#2

This wonderful part of the world is as foreign and enchanting as it gets. More to follow.
Meanwhile featured here two essentials discovered on arrival late on Wednesday, one in the bathroom, the other in the mini bar.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

By the Pool

Looking downwards in Hong Kong can be as exciting as looking up! There is a huge swimming pool three minutes walk from the office in Wan Chai. There is a series of above street-level walkways that criss-cross this part of the city and I looked down on this marvellous scene.

Guess where?

Where else at 08:15 pm on a Tuesday evening?
Last evening was spent with super-friend Kerry 31, floors above street level.
I promised I would keep the exact location, in Hong Kong, secret.
Breathless breathless breathless is how I feel everytime I look skyward in this magic 24/7 place.


Saturday 4 September 2010

She who hangs the Piper plays the tune

Oh wonderment! I was lucky enough to catch up with super-friend Juliet Johnson, director of Frost&Reed that lovely gallery in St James. As I entered the gallery I almost collided with a John Piper, the size of a bed sheet, part of great exhibition of French & English 20th Century paintings.

Piper my hero, his bold colour palette and the strength and vigour of his line work - totally breathtaking.

See the show now at Frost & Reed http://www.frostandreed.co.uk/default.asp