Monday, 26 September 2016

H is for Hereford Cathedral


Saturday morning shoppers had popped in to join a service in the Lady Chapel. Its liturgy echoed throughout the east end of the church.

Hereford’s prominent single central tower was funded by a deluge of money coming in from pilgrims visiting the shrine of Bishop Thomas Cantiloupe who was beatified in 1320. The veneration of saints, and pilgrimages to the interment sites of a saint’s relics, were widespread. A church in possession of the relics of a popular saint enjoyed a source of income, as the faithful made donations in the hope that they might receive spiritual aid.

Like Gloucester, down the road, it began as a Saxon Church until the Normans moved in. There is some exciting Early English work and important Gothic in the North Transept. More recently my artist-hero John Piper has been hard at work here contributing three tapestries.

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