Friday, 23 September 2016

Coventry Cathedral - the X-factor

Coventry: We view the new through the filgree of the old

As soon as the dust had settled on blitz-torn Coventry, plans were laid to rebuild the cathedral. In 1956 the foundation stone was laid to mark the vision of one man, Basil Spence.  

To understand the new Coventry Cathedral, one should read Rise of the Phoenix at Coventry: The Building of a Cathedral, Spence’s personal account of this amazing creation.

Behind the altar Graham Sutherland’s tapestry ‘Christ in Glory’ is a triumph of the weaver’s art and ingenuity.  

John Piper contributes glass, fired by Patrick Reyntiens. 

Outside, dark on a wall of pink limestone, is Jacob Epstein’s St Michael.

An extract from English Cathedrals: A journey in drawings 
This book is an affectionate voyage around the country capturing on paper the wonder of these very special places. 

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