Saturday, 24 September 2016

G is for Guilford, high upon a hill.

Here, high on Stag Hill, is a cathedral for the modern age. 
From the outside the building’s brick wrapping gives a noticeably industrial feel, perhaps a power station? Or are we close to a Lancashire mill?  It looks over the Surrey landscape and the sweep of the A3.

Inside? Inside we have tall, pale and Ikea-like, pared down Gothic.

The nave stretches like a row of poplar trees. Pale stone, height and balance and eye-watering simplicity make this a very special cathedral. A foundation stone was laid in 1936. But work stopped with the outbreak of WWII and because of one thing and another was not resumed until 1952. The Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit was consecrated in 1961. Less than an hour from our house, one is tempted to return for Holy Communion (BCP) very soon.

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