Tuesday, 20 September 2016

E is for Exeter

This is a jewel in the South West of England. The Normans arrived in 1107 and their Romanesque twin towers now form the transepts of the church, this is a unique arrangement in an English Cathedral. 

The great nave has thirty pillars of Purbeck marble, and fabulous vaulting that continues throughout the church. It is the longest stretch of gothic vaulting in the world. This is all the vision of one man, Bishop John Gradisson (1327–1369). He also squeezed in a wonderful Minstrel’s Gallery on the upper level of the Nave, another unique feature of Exeter.    

Extract from my new  book, English Cathedrals. Capturing the wonder of these very special places in 60 exciting drawings. Order via http://bit.ly/2tbCoE

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