Monday, 1 June 2015


Unloading the catch outside the Palingroerij

Another good morning starts as Dave wraps the cake-bread (a speciality of the region) into a couple of napkins. Later in the morning he will, Priest-like, administer this hallowed confection to us all.

Sunshine and a westerly breeze as we head towards the coast again and the small town of Zoutkamp, a fishing port on the Reitdeip River which used to be Groningen’s the access point to the sea until easterly estuaries were dredged.
Again it was a fine day as we rolled through green fields, along cycle tracks, greeted by cattle and sheep alike.

We had been recommended (again by Richard at the De Energiek B&B) the Palingrokerij as the place for fish and chips and were not disappointed as we made our way through generous portions of delicious cod, it was a most excellent place less than one hundred meters from the quayside where the catch was being landed.

Replete we prepared to for heading north-ish to a huge expanse of national park called Lauwermeer. This is a stretch of water and reed beds with small woods further inland. As expected it is crossed by cycle tracks and tank tracks, for the area’s eastern side is a training ground for the army; punctuated by warning signs and red flags, festive but purposeful.
The afternoon sun to take us home
Regaining the route home again the afternoon sun and breeze on our backs through Vierhuizen, Ulrum, Leens and so to Wehe den Hoorn and the now obligatory meal The Hoornstertil Café.  
A view from the Bar
This evening the Café was crowded, meaning not just us; for a mob was gathered for the finals of the regional billiards competition. The tension was palpable as we sipped our beer and contemplated supper.
Tension in the Bar sounds the Tournament Finals

End of the third story, coming next DUTCH DIARY: HEADING HOME

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