Saturday, 27 June 2015

All Greek, now gone

Greek and Roman   The good and the great
British Museum
We just got to see the exhibition Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art for it closes on tomorrow.

Although The Times described the show as ‘the absolutely-must-see exhibition of the year’ it did feel like the British Museum where having an archeological car boot sale. Had they gone into the storeroom and hauled out everything Greek and anything that was created by the Romans copying the Greeks?

Venus   far left in picture
One example of this cross-over was a lovely and huge statue in the Greek style of Venus with her head modelled, from life, from the head of a wealthy lady of Rome who had paid for the piece.

Absolutely worth a visit to “Experience the brilliance and diversity of ancient Greek art in this major exhibition focusing on the human body, from abstract simplicity of prehistoric figurines to breathtaking realism in the age of Alexander the Great.” BM

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