Sunday, 21 June 2015


It was the end of the first day of training and we had the evening to ourselves. 

I had walked to the hotel looking over a bridge to see the traffic jams snaking out along the freeway. 
I snuck off to Publix for a bottle of Chardonnay and some Potato Chips and walked both back to my room and walked the wine into my walk-in fridge and put a glass to chill in my walk-in freezer and when out to draw for a while.

A large white sedan pulled up to the kerb next to where I stood drawing.

I was conscious of discussions and fiddling about inside the car. I continued. 
After a while the passenger door opened and a man got out.

Him: ‘Hey Man are you an artist?’
Me: ‘Yes I think I am’
Him: ‘Cool Man, I’m an artist too!
Me: ‘Oh, Good
Him: ‘See ya Man

Me: See ya.

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