Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Woke at 5.45 am feeling good. 
I would be going home this evening.

My last day, and I worked with the team all morning. 

During breaks I fretted about checking in online and feared the worst. We bade our farewells at lunchtime and I walked back to Atlantic Station and into the arms of Victoria Secrets. There was business to be done here, on behalf of my offspring. 

Three hundred dollars later I had the distinct feeling I had not bought much.

I went back to The Twelve and had a swim. Down in the lobby the place seemed to be over-run by family reunions. Crowds arrived and entered the elevator stabbing ineffectually at the buttons and then stomped out back to reception for a new room key.

I’d had enough and went to the airport much too early for a 21:30. It was just as well. Delta had the last word,
“No. We don’t have you booked on this flight”.

They had no reservation for me. Quelle surprise. 

I did manage to talk my way onto to the flight, bursting with large people and eventually left Atlanta for a fitful sleep.

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