Saturday, 31 July 2021


 16 July

Another lovely day from dawn to dusk.


Sian tackles the living room with rollers and white emulsion and the effect is transformative. Remarkable!



White Room              

Cream 1968


More driftwood art is sold. Providentially I have prepared more driftwood so I get to work making more pieces.


It is a day for art; I run a Zoom class for three young artists. It is more of a paint-along with me talking through process and colour and layout as I go, and they follow along. We all work from the same photograph. Results from us all are good.


17 July


Good day Sunshine  

The Beatles


Got up good and early and washed the car. The first time I have ever washed a car in Wales. Off to B&Q, bought some colour tester pots. The ‘on wall’ results were dreadful (I wanted chic charcoal and ended up with dirge black. I am grateful for Sian for covering up these aberrations some five days later! 

Along the River Taff


There is a great dog walk along the River Taff from B&Q’s car park. This morning with sun and blue sky against the reeds and rust red dock leaves it was breath-taking, low water with the sun skidding off the mud. Rosie and I meet cows who are also enjoying the sunshine. It will be another hot day.

Taff walk II


Took Rosie for another walk into town via Long Lane. Although it was high noon the tree canopy meant we almost needed a torched to find our way down the path.

Down Long Lane at midday? Pack your torch!

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