Sunday, 1 August 2021


Most days I give thanks for the BBC Sounds and every day I give thanks for Radio 3. Put these together and add in Nick Luscombe ace Tokyo-based DJ and broadcaster and you have the formula for a beguiling introduction to Japanese culture and music, traditional and modern.

Nick Luscombe - photo copyright of the BBC

Going all Luscombe: Screen Grab on the BBC Sounds program #3

Across three Sundays Nick took us through the islands of Japan, its countryside and on into the city, exploring all. 

Like all talented creators, communicating his work (the programs) in a way that makes you want to use these as a start point for your own musical explorations. So, with Shazam and Spotify and each program’s play list its rather like  'infinity and beyond'. 

Since my first visit to Japan in 2004 the country continues to enchant me. It is really the only place in the world, outside our shores, to which I’d like to return. 

Oh, go on, add in NYC. 


Oh, by the way you can discover more about Mr Luscombe here – recommended too.

Turning Japanese by English band the Vapors, from their 1980 album New Clear Days.

Here we are

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