Thursday, 1 July 2021


 Monday 14th June

Waited for BT to complete the Broadband installation. 

The engineer arrived one and a half hours late. After running checks out in the street he told me our line had been disconnected by another engineer and so he could not complete the job. 

He regaled me with other instances of BT and Openreach’s ineptitude. He looked so frazzled I made him coffee with rice cakes and cream cheese and a mini pork pie.


Thus, no broadband still and unlikely until July the first. Like the railways and the postal system another example of Thatcher-Major ba**s-ups.

One day my line will come


I installed a manhole cover, the previous one was broken by the carriage of Calor Gas to the back yard. Sounds impressive task however really akin to put the cap on a sauce bottle.


Wonderful sun enjoyed by Rosie and I walking down by the estuary just round from the castle. Had a chat with the Gwyn the Builder, a legend in the town. He confessed to being married three times and, on each occasion, applied marzipan from each wedding cake to his fore arms to increase his strength.

Looking East: walking down by the estuary just round from the castle

Ring Ring Goes the telephone  Chris Lake

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