Monday, 19 July 2021


 1st July



This is a story of heroism up a telegraph pole by Openreach engineer Rhys Jenkins. 

After the pole work Rhys phoned a friend who came over and the two of them worked in the telecoms manhole through to the familiar box outside the Community Centre on the opposite  of the street.  Five hours later we are sorted! During the early stages of Rhys’ ascent I make a drawing from our front door and promise to send it to him.

The ultimate pole dancing


Lady Gaga and Beyonce. - written and recorded by, 2009



In celebratory mood we headed over for cocktails with K&M at their place at Pilroath in the village of Pant Yr Athro. Remarkable views right along the Afon Towyi estuary across to Ferryside.

And high up to the right proud Llansteffan castle.  As the sun settled a little lower the country either side of the estuary glowed with the day’s heat.

Evening' all: the view from Mark and Karen's Terrace


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