Saturday, 3 July 2021


 Tuesday 15th

“Long hot days, Cool sea haze"...

Slept poorly, rose late, fretting about BT. Called them and my call was eventually escalated to the Connections Team. They give Sian and I free 4G data until such time as we do have broadband down here.


After forty-four minutes on the phone with BT Rosie and I headed for the beach at Pendine Sands for sun and sea breezes.

“Long hot days

Cool sea haze

Jukebox plays”

Lyrics from ‘Beach Baby’ UK and US hit in 1974 for British pop group First Class


Went to Aldi for the week’s shop. Delicious meals for one, as Sian is in London attending to family matter so just Rosie and I on this trip.


Made low coffee table which is actually stable.



On the way back from Poon’s Rosie does an impromptu ‘business’ in the street and I am without poo bags. A lady runs out from her front door and provides three, two for later and one for immediate use.

Here's a lovely mellow song by Ego Ella May

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