Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Scourie Wednesday: Wandering and wild flowers.

Wednesday: Wandering and wild flowers.

This was another wonderful day of warm sun and scudding clouds, all racing one another across the big sky. 

I made a drawing of the small stretch that sits by the roadside on the way out of the village going northwest; Loch a’ Bhadiach Daraich

Then I wandered back into the village, and made some drawings of deserted buildings, sketches that one-day might make paintings.

Collected a lovely bunch of wild flowers for Klaudia to use in her table settings in the dining room. Each morning she sets the tables for the evening, ironing each table cloth, in-situ, and setting all polished tableware and gleaming glassware just perfectly. Each day the restaurant looks as if set for a wedding feast.  I was pleased to see my small blooms pressed into service that evening.

Notes and jottings from a wonderful week 26 - 31 August 2018  at the Scourie Hotel www.scouriehotel.com

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