Tuesday, 11 September 2018

#lovenhs 4 - the sugar hut

I am sure everyone else on my ward voted ‘Leave’. 

Most days I am not very chatty yet perk up when the nurses are in attendance. Of course as I am winsomely obsequious when a flurry doctors alight around my bed.

I am mindful that to my fellow patients, with my head inside Vanity Fair, and making furtive drawings in my book and jottings like these I must come across a bit queer. Especially with my flamboyant use of Hjermaseeta’s

Everybody has a predilection for sugar. Most of the bedside tables are festooned with bottles of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Lucozade. When the tea trolley comes round, another high spot in these frantic days, everyone else takes hot chocolate with two sugars.

Men look older than their years. Perhaps this is because we are carrying too much weight and some of us still smoke, this is hard to believe. Such lady patients who are billeted along side us are most frail.  

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That was in August, 6 – 16 (Home now, several weeks after those eight days in cardiac units in South Wales.... The chance to watch and listen to some of the most professional people on the planet: Nurses were #Angelsand Doctors were #Jedi. All of this was a mind-expanding experience.

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