Sunday, 9 September 2018

#lovenhs 2 - Evensong

Two late admissions, so consequently loud conversations continue until past 11:45

Admission 1: Lady with one leg immobile who get my vote for the Loudest-TalkerAward.

Admission 2: Smoking Man who is from Aberystwyth.
He claims d to be 64 years old but actually looked 84. I overheard the heroic Ambulance crew saying they completed the journey in one hour and eighteen minutes, remarkable: Google maps suggest that the 70-mile journey should take one hour and forty-five minutes

(Earlier at 10:30 this evening a registrar burst into my cubicle and did overly thorough echo sound of my heart.An echocardiogram, or "echo", is a scan used to look at the heart and nearby blood vessels.It's a type of ultrasound scan.  He has bedside manner of a terrorist but one clearly senses thorough professionalism and great ability. A Dr Jack often works along side him. Dr Jack’s boyish appearance he has just done his GCSEs. However in several enjoyable conversations across the coming days he presents all the youthful precision of a new scalpel blade and will without doubt travel far in the medical profession.)

All sorts of groans, exclamations and heavy breathing emanate from every corner the ward underscored the always-on cantata of beeping heart monitors.

Great information on a Cardiac Care Unit is here

#lovenhs #nhswales #medicine #lovenhsstaff #nhs70)

That was in August, 6 – 16 (Home now, some several weeks after eight days in cardiac units in South Wales.... The chance to watch and listen to some of the most professional people on the planet: Nurses were #Angelsand Doctors were #Jedi. All of this was a mind-expanding experience.)

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