Sunday, 2 September 2018

#lovenhs 1 - the middle distance

Often I sit staring in the middle distance I recorded thoughts in my notebook.....

Big Chris serves the tea each day

|Everywhere is spotless, clean and lovely: Dear NHS

Visiting time and much noise and laughter

1 Clam phones appear very popular in this part of the world. Besides ring tones on most phones hark back to the days when Nokia 3310 (early 1980’s) was the number one selling phone.

2 Being overweight seems to be a problem for patients and visitors alike. Are many of us sleep walking into obesity? I telephone Si├ón to announce I am obese, according to one chart I discover on the Internet. I swear to make amends. One in every four adults in England is suffering from a mild or severe form of obesity, and a study shows the numbers are increasing. (World Health Organisation) 

3 At visiting times all conversations are conducted in a loud voice

4 Again amongst my fellow patients there is a remarkable incidence of tattoos on display, with no gender 
bias to this observation.

That was August 6 – 16 
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(Home now, several weeks after after eight days in cardiac units in South Wales.... The chance to watch and listen to some of the most wonderful people on the planet: Nurses were #Angelsand Doctors were #Jedi. All of this was a mind-expanding experience.

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