Monday, 10 September 2018

#lovenhs 3 - Mattins

The lady opposite is having a telephone conversation with a relative. She appears to be doing this without the use of an actual telephone mobile or landline. 

David, two beds down, keeps asking where he is. This constant enquiry interrupted by his excessive clearing of his throat. He is always given the same answer with great civility. Every time anybody walks past his bed he says, “Hello, how are you?”

It has been an interesting night on the CCU ward; later in the morning I recalled in an email to Sian, it was about quiet as a barbecue in Basra. 

#lovenhs #nhswales #medicine #lovenhsstaff #nhs70)

That was in August, 6 – 16 (Home now, several weeks after those after eight days in cardiac units in South Wales.... The chance to watch and listen to some of the most professional people on the planet: Nurses were #Angels and Doctors were #Jedi. All of this was a mind-expanding experience.)

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