Saturday, 3 December 2016

Hope in Worcester


Again we are lucky enough to be in Worcester with good friends.

I came across this deserted warehouse, a confection of red and blue brickwork and broken windows. The building rubs shoulders with ASDA and Poundland in the St Martin's Quarter . After I had made this drawing, I got into a conversation with a photographer who was taking photos of the same building, with its bright white PVC banner proclaiming HOPE. 
It appears the building now houses a Church who meet in the building.

Planning permission was granted in June for HOPE Church to convert the former Granary in St Martin’s Quarter into a church, community centre and cafe.
Built in 1870 the derelict building, which has lay empty for years, is set to be given a new lease of life in order to provide a space that ‘serves the city’.

Richard Thomas from the HOPE Church, told the Worcester Observer:

“We want to think about what it can do for the city and we have started to explore that concept, for example, the space can be used by businesses, the art community, social services or the NHS, it is not just a church.

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