Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Wonder of Watford

The Rood Beam floats above us

Perhaps, if we had not had a Reformation, then we might have more Watford. Specifically, churches with magnificent interiors like The Church of the Holy Rood in Watford.

Even in the late 19th and the early part of the 20th century the Church of Rome was commissioning beautiful works. The Church of the Holy Rood is an excellent example.

Holy Rood was designed by Westminster Cathedral architect J. F. Bentley. It is compact, made from local materials and full of late Victorian furnishings, art. The nave is relatively plain; the chancel and side chapels are a torrent of decoration and colour. Topping it all, a rood beam that floats above us, with Christ and the two Marys, full of grace and confidence.

A full history of the church is here

Sandwiched between tower blocks and interesting shops, the bonus ball for our Holy Rood visit was discovering a delightful Lebanese restaurant a minute away down Market Street called Tarboush. Both establishments worth are a visit to refresh body and spirit.

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