Tuesday, 31 August 2021


 August 9

All day sunshine and showers Monday. We piled into the car and drove to Narberth a town some thirty minutes west, just off the main A40. We went to deliver some paperwork to a solicitor whose reception was festooned with the best collection of postcards I have ever seen!!!


Co-incidentally, my friends T & J are moving to this area from just down the road in the Badlands and making their home in Narberth. Brilliant. 

Narberth is a gourmet town with its most famous nosh shop being Spanish; https://www.facebook.com/ultracomidadelicatessen/ . In the fourth week of September each year there is the town's Food Festival. 


Whilst we were there the place had a festive air with crowds of people coming in and out of cafes and bric-a-brac emporiums. We joined the throng. Checking on prices I am sure I discovered the most expensive battered rusty milk churn on the mainland of the British Isles.


Back home via Wiseman’s Bridge. A hamlet that sits on a rocky beach and in a valley. The was a hive of industrial activity from the 14th to the 19th century as it was a vital part of the Pembrokeshire coal field. 


The beach here is one of the best hereabouts for rock pool explorations: All manner of shells, sea weed, sea urchins and tiny crabs.

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