Friday, 20 August 2021


We were having a fabulous breakfast in Poons Street Food, Market Street, Laugharne.

Poon and Vince outside their successful restaurant cafe


The full breakfast with trimmings was made all the more excellent by the application of condiments and sauces from glass bottles.  Easily opened and applied to my bangers and bacon and futzing around with sachets of these essential condiments.

Essential Glass

It makes you think....


‘Almost 855bn sachets are used globally each year, containing single portions of everything from ketchup and vinegar to face cream, shampoo, and laundry detergent’ reported Madeleine Cuff of the i newspaper. She went on to say, ‘More than 50 business leaders, politicians and minor royalty have urged governments around the world to ban plastic sachets, which they argue are a major cause of plastic waste.’


Stick to the bottle or box (in the case of some detergents).

Vince at work 

Where it all started, Poon's original pitch in Laugharne 2018


The place for delicious Thai Green Curry and other Thai culinary marvels. Others are as enthusiastic.


Madeleine’s full article is here

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