Wednesday, 29 April 2020


Curious Coast Small Gems
Now with more than enough time to reflect and revisit our 2000 photos, 5000 words and 70 drawings we’ve discovered some small places that deserve their own shout!

It was an Autumnal trip with Trevor to Ipswich to collect a sail for his boat that turns into another coastal jaunt to Shotley, a forsaken headland in south Suffolk. 

On the way back we were ravenous!   Keen to share a bit of Essex on the way home we took a side road to Silver End

Silver End is a village in Braintree, Essex, in England. The industrialist Francis Henry Crittall established the Crittall factory and developed Silver End as a model village. 

My grandfather managed one of the Lord Crittall farms; my father delivered the milk around Silver End.
The village includes some noteworthy early examples of Modernist architecture, the work of influential Scottish architect Thomas S. Tait, a leading exponent of Art Deco.

We found the best possible Fish and Chip shop called the Cod Father. Marvellous food and just what was needed to fortify us to tackle the M25. To be thoroughly recommended

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