Saturday, 25 April 2020


Another Curious Coast side story for with time to reflect and revisit our 2000 photos, 5000 words and 70 drawings we’ve discovered some small places that deserve their own shout!

Harty Church on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent is like many a lovely church close to water. The marshes of Sheppey are readily enjoyed from the Church Yard. Sheppey was historically known as the Isles of Sheppey comprising were Sheppey itself, the Isle of Harty and the Isle of Elmley.  Over time the channels between the isles have silted up to make one continuous island.

We explored the pretty church St. Thomas the Apostle, it has stood in this place for over nine hundred years. There is much to admire inside and the Victorian restoration was not overwrought. As visitors we were in good company for John Betjeman after his visit to Harty Church. 

 “Alas I shall have to console myself with memories of the Church in its splendid isolation, with sea birds wheeling by and the Thames so wide as to be open sea.

The full church guide is available here and makes absorbing reading. and a lively Facebook page maintained by the community is here

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