Friday, 24 August 2018

Orkney '18 - a walk with Tim Dean

Monday – Tim Dean 
We are lucky to know Tim Dean. 

Tim Dean has been working in the natural world and sharing wildlife since 1975. He will take you to the best places in Orkney to see the best of the area’s rich natural heritage. 

This is what he did. An email from Tim arrived as we were waiting for a connecting flight at Aberdeen.  His words:

Monday looks like a decent dry day of sunny weather and a light westerly.

How about Little Terns (most northerly colony of UK’s rarest breeding seabird); Oysterplant (Orkney is Britain’s stronghold for a plant only found in the far north); Sand Martin colony; Iron Age promontory fort; wreck of the SS Irene (integral in the Longhope lifeboat disaster of 1969); spectacular cliffscapes and seascapes)?
Dune flora, Sand and Shingle shore flora; heath and wetland flora and plenty of birds?

If any of those ideas appeal we can meet at 10.00 at the Burray end of the 4th (Churchill) barrier – where the comfort station is.

Best wishes and safe travelling,


And this is what we did (all of the above)

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