Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Amsterdam Charm

Good friend and colleague from Microsoft days Debbie van Leeuwen commissioned this watercolour.

A painting of lovely old house when her good friend has a shop. All this by the Leliegracht canal in dear Amsterdam. 

Being inherently inquisitive I poked around for more information in the Wikipedia* vaults.

The canal was build in 1612 . 

Several well known Dutch people lived alongside its banks Jan Jacobsz. Hinlopen, 1626 - 1666, cloth merchant, shipping magnet and art collector. 

The writer Everhardus Johannes Potgieter lived at no. 25.
Aside from his interesting given name I learnt that before moving here in 1821 he  lived with his mum and dad in Zwolle a city in northern Holland. 

At the Zwolle connection is interesting as on several occasions I have changed trains a Zwolle which can be daunting the city has rail connections in eight directions.

*thank you Wikipedia whom I cherish, value and donate.

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