Thursday, 23 August 2018

Orkney '18 Sunday - sun time

Sunday – sun time

The scene shifters had been at work. The whole island was now rinsed in sunlight from early dawn.

To Orphir, minutes drive from the cottage. 

This was a lively base for Viking noblemen. Their warring and drinking contests were any match for twenty-first century man. These people were sailors, fighters, drinkers and lovers. And, thank goodness, great storytellers.

Then we crossed the island, to Gurness a big fortification of the Neolithic period. This is an Orkney ‘must-see’.  

And we collected our bonus prize from the Heritage Scotland Warden at Gurness: He gave us details of a cairns broch site in South Ronaldsay where, since 2006 archaeologists have been digging for more clues about the working lives of the people who resided there two thousand years ago.

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