Saturday, 25 August 2018

Orkney '18 to the island of Westray

The island of Westray sits 90 minutes away on the ferry northwest of the mainland Orkney. 

We had been there before. It’s the place to see Puffins at the Castle o'Burrian. This is a cliff face and rock stack that the puffins simply love. 

This year they were more there than you could shake a stick at! We lay on our stomachs, binoculars to hand and watching these fluttering aerobatics and skid landings.  And how they paraded about on their cliff top ledges 

On the west side of the island we found a short walk of 3 1/2 miles, we only did the 1st mile! And reached the delightful 11-century church now more of black and grey slab floor plan. Dedicated to the Holy Cross it was now guarded by the gravestones farmers and fishermen and their families of near village.

 We then the skidded into a flock of Swedish people who were coming to the end of their guided tour of Quoygrew. This is another exciting set of stones, a large site actually established in the 10th century by Vikings and continued as a settlement for farmers and fisherman right up into the 1930s. 

We looked at it all over. And marvelled at how much then maybe still to unearth  on the site.

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