Thursday, 6 April 2017

Suffolk Tales: To the lighthouse

During the Second World War an Italian fighter aircraft landed on the shingle of Orford Ness.

Orford Ness is a spit of land on the coast attached to the rest of Suffolk at Aldeburgh.  Doubtless the lighthouse was the pilot’s landing mark!

Immediately arrested, looking disconsolately he asked his captors ‘tell me the name of desert please’.

Even when the sun does shine this broad desolate landscape appears to reach into infinity, punctuated by the lighthouse that will itself soon fall into the sea.

Hares patrol this desert; above seagulls perform a fly past. Its ‘sands’ are an admixture of rusting armaments, scientific paraphernalia. Every so often signs appear warning not to stray off the foot paths for risk of unexploded ordinance.

FOOTNOTE We were exploring around Orford Ness and Aldeburgh, with special friends Jane and Trevor, staying in a wonderful Martello Tower which they had rented to celebrate T’s birthday. 

Trevor appears several times in this blog in the ‘Travel’s with my Architect’ posts.

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