Saturday, 8 April 2017

On Suffolk's shore - treasures and shrapnel

Treasure Irresistible

The National Trust site at Orford Ness includes a number of single story brick buildings, used, when the whole area was under military rule, for some scientific or social purpose.

During our special tour of the site we went in one of these buildings. It was no more than fourteen foot square. In the centre was a large glass display case full of geological specimens and exciting detritus from the immediate landscape.

Rocks, pebbles, shells, shell cases, bits from boats and a child’s sandal were amongst the riches on display. This treasury of the sea had to be drawn.

This has put me in mind of my shoreline obsession, which I have been feeding for many a year. The first collection, assembled in 1992 hangs in a small glass fronted frame in the bathroom. Downstairs small Perspex cases house other marine memorabilia.  Under my workbench are two boxes of driftwood, gathered in a September storm, in South wales, waiting for deployment.

We are all such shocking poseurs, so good at inflating the importance of what we think we value.

Iris Murdoch – The Sea The Sea

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