Monday, 25 April 2016

The Chiltern Plain - Bledlow, Haddenham and Nether Winchendon

Off we peddle off from ‘Risborough,
Churches on our mind,
Bledlow Church is locked quite shut,
We’re sure they didn’t mean to be unkind,
A bit of a blow it has to be said, as the best bits are inside.

After Bedlow,  westward down an old rail track,
Towards the town of Thame,
Ricardo and I gain ground. 
Across the flat plain landscape,
It all looks near to rain.

Sharp north then to Haddenham village and 
St Mary’s by the pond,
The inside bright and airy,
A place to sing a song.

We discover all the pubs are closed,
A curious Monday thing,
So lunch is had at the Tickety Brew,
A café of some fame.

Finally to St Nicholas in
Nether Winchendon,
That styles itself a ‘1662 Prayer Book Parish’

Hooray! We say and enter in,
Having cycled through the marish.

At the end of this good ride, All is glorious gloom inside.

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